America gets better results from Corona virus immunization test on rats

BanglaHunt Desk: The whole world is now scared of Corona (COVID-19). Researchers are desperate to find an anti-Corona virus. Researchers in the United States have been able to discover a vaccine for the Corona virus in this critical situation in the world. And this vaccine test has already been a success.

In the United States, the number of coronary infections is increasing rapidly. American doctors and scientists, on the other hand, were vigorously preparing to prevent the disease. In the meantime, they have discovered an anti-vaccine vaccine. And according to the rules whose first test was successful on rats. This time it is only applied to humans. However, some time ago a test was performed on a 4-year-old woman in America. And the results of the vaccine applied to the rat before the test results came out. And America is very happy with the result. Soon it will begin to be applied to human beings.

Worldwide, the number of coronary cases has now exceeded one million. And in the United States, the number of coronary attacks has exceeded 2 million. The death toll is approaching 7,000. In this scenario, the US government has issued a leakdown status. As a result, the economic system is having a huge impact. But one of the things that made it worse was that the results of the coronary vaccine tested on rats by American doctors and scientists were good.

The American University of Pittsburgh's School of Medicine examines this. They say that corona virus is associated with some symptoms of SARS and 20Mrs disease in 20 years. And from this they invented the vaccine. The US FDA has sought permission to apply the vaccine to humans. It has been reported that the vaccine will be able to completely eradicate this corona virus within 2 weeks of its application to the human body.

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