America's attitude has changed? The White House unfollowed Prime Minister Modi

BanglaHunt Desk: America's attitude has changed in a few days? India came forward to help when the American drug Hydroxylolocloquine was needed to help with the coronavirus outbreak. A few days later, the White House began following five Indian Twitter handles, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, through social media.

When India decided to give hydroxychloroquine to fight coronavirus. April 10 White House Twitter handle Followed by several Indian Twitter handles. These include Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister's Office, the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the US Embassy in India and the US Embassy in India. In addition to these, Ken Juster was also the US Ambassador to India.

The number of people following the White House is 19, with all foreign handles coming from India. Now, just a few days later, the White House has started following all these Twitter handles and only the Twitter handles related to Donald Trump associated with the US administration. The White House now has only 13 Twitter handles. A lot of discussions and speculations have started on social media about this.

India has given a large number of hydroxyloroquine drugs to the United States, not just the United States, but many large countries in the world. However, a recent report in the United States found that hydroxychloroquine did not have as much effect on corona as expected. Let us know that a section of America expressed concern over religious issues in India, where it was said that minorities should not have religious freedom.