America's Sikhs appeal for 'Hindus and Sikhs to be tortured in Afghanistan soon'

Bangla Hunt Desk: The Afghan Sikh community of America has asked the Modi Government for help in rehabilitating Sikhs living in Afghanistan. This is the only option available to 4 families who are victims of violence in the country. It is to be noted that Sikh minorities who have been victims of violence in Kabul, Jalalabad and Gazi in Afghanistan are seeking refuge in India.

Earlier, seeing the hope of action taken by the Government of India, the leader of the Afghan Sikh community appealed to India to provide legal access and political asylum along with the long entry of Sikhs and Hindus from Afghanistan. Sikh community leaders in America say the situation for religious minorities in Afghanistan is in crisis. And they need to be rescued from it. These minorities see India as their only safe haven.

President of the Sikh Committee for Global Sikh Council of Afghanistan, Paramjit Singh Bedi, said: “At a time when the crisis in India has been triggered by the Corona virus epidemic and lockdowns have been issued in India, we are resolutely telling India that we are in awe of the safety of Sikhs in Afghanistan. I'm here. ” Bedi said, “We are appealing to the Modi government to arrange a special aircraft from Kabul and interfere with the present situation of the Sikhs there.”

Bedi expressed his thoughts on the March 25 attack by ISIS. Let me tell you, the attack took place in Kabul's Gurdwara, killing 25 Sikhs there. Bedi said, 'There were women, aged and four-year-old children. They all gathered there for Corona to wish everyone good health. But the religious fundamentalists kill them. ”

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