Amit Shah named Modi cabinet's top minister: Mood of the Nation survey report


BanglaHunt Desk: Home Minister Amit Shah is always by the side of the Prime Minister. He agreed with all the decisions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. There is always a novice for the welfare of the people and the countrymen.

Mood of Nations survey

Mood of Nation recently conducted a survey among all the Council of Ministers in the country. The list includes Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Yogi Adityanath of Uttar Pradesh and several other front-line leaders. Who have risen to the top in the merit of their work in the judgment of the masses. This time the first name in the list is Home Minister Amit Shah.

Who is the best in the judgment of the crowd?

Amit Shah is the second most powerful person in the cabinet of the Prime Minister. According to a Mood of the Nation poll, 39 per cent people said Amit Shah was the best performance minister in Modi's cabinet.

Home Minister Amit Shah has been at the forefront since Narendra Modi came to power in India in 2014. He has always been by the side of the Prime Minister in every step, for the benefit of the people.

Where are the others?

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh is the second most popular minister in the list after Home Minister Amit Shah, judging by 16 per cent of the people. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is in the fifth position in the list with 9 percent votes.