‘Amit Shah to form BJP government in Nepal’ – Nepal expresses dissatisfaction over comments

The rift between India and Nepal has narrowed considerably. But now the international conflict has started on another new issue. In fact, Tripura Chief Minister Biplob Dev recently made a controversial remark. He claimed that Amit Shah would form BJP governments in Nepal and Sri Lanka after the BJP gained dominance in India. He claimed that the Home Minister had such a discussion during his visit to Tripura.

A new debate has started centering on this comment. Nepal has taken the remark very seriously and expressed dissatisfaction with the Indian Home Minister. It is noteworthy that there is currently political unrest in Nepal. Elections will be held in Nepal soon. And in such a situation, such statements from India have caused a stir in the political arena of Nepal.

Amit Shah is planning to form BJP governments in Nepal and Sri Lanka, biplab deb

Chief Minister Biplob Dev said, “In different countries where communist governments are in power, the communists consider themselves as a world-class party. But now the BJP has become the largest party in the world. Standing in Agartala on a visit to Tripura, Home Minister Amit Shah said, “Now we are keeping a close eye on Nepal and Sri Lanka.” After this comment, one news after another started appearing in the news of Nepal. When the question arose as to India’s willingness to intervene in Nepal’s internal affairs. Several Nepali political leaders and Nepal’s ambassador have also expressed dissatisfaction with the comments coming from India.

At present, the largest party in Nepal is the Communist Party. There are also the Congress, the PSP and the State Republican Party. The Communist Party of Nepal is now divided. On the other hand, it is believed that the Congress party can make a lot of money due to the comments coming from India.