Amit Shah's home ministry is banning the use of zoom


BanglaHunt Desk: Before long, many companies had burned their employees to use the zoom. This time the Indian government also walked that route. The Home Ministry's Thursday directive has been advised by the central government not to use the app, but also for the purpose of the organization.

Lockdown is ongoing due to corona virus in many countries around the world. In these situations closed schools, colleges, offices, courts. The only way to keep in touch is through social media and video conferencing platforms. Zoom has reached the top of the popularity of video conferencing platforms like WebX, MS Teams, Google Meet, Go To Meetings, Web Webs, MS Teams, Google Meet, Go To Meetings. But in the meantime, serious accusations arose against the video conferencing platform.

The cyber security company Cybele recently claimed that it purchased Zoom's 1.5 million customers' personal e-mail accounts and passwords, personal meeting URLs and host-key Dark Web at just 5 paise per account. Besides, they are selling this information to hackers from different countries. However, the whole incident has been denied by the Zoom authorities. Yet the whole world is traditionally concerned about this incident.

On the basis of this allegation, world-renowned organizations like SpaceX, Google, and NASA have banned the use of staff zooms. Zoom hired a former Facebook security chief to boost its cybersecurity, but that didn't work.

An average of 6 million subscribers used the platform every month, where it has grown to 20 million daily. However, the cyber expert Mahal believes that zoom popularity will decline due to this incident.

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