Amitabh is losing sight! He told himself about the apprehension


BanglaHunt Desk: Amitabh Bachchan (9) has passed through nine spring. Half a century has passed since his debut in the acting world. Who can say that after seeing him? Without the slight ringing in the corner of the eye did not let the impression of age on the body. The old body could not take over six feet tall. But with such careful protection for so long, it is no longer possible. This time Amitabh's body is broken. The eyesight has also started to decrease this time. Big B recently told of such fears.
Amitabh writes on his blog, he is almost lost in sight. He writes, 'Nowadays I see everything in front of the eyes blurred. Looking at everything. I think I might ExI lost my power. Thousands of other physical problems are getting worse. ”So this time Big B goes back to his old days, as a kid.
Amitabh said that as a child, when his eyes were on his eyes, his mother would rub the edges of the sari's neck with a hot vapor on his face. Soon all problems would be gone. Amitabh's mother Totakai still resides. He took a towel and soaked it in hot water and vaporized the eyes. He is also giving eye drops hour after hour as per the advice of the doctors.

However, the actor also said that the doctors said that all his fears were inappropriate. They assure him that he is not blind. His problem is simply to sit in front of the computer for so long. Amitabh did not share the results of his mother's use of jokes.
Relatively, Amitabh had earlier said his body was signaling that it was time to retire. But he is still acting against all those obstacles. In his hand is a Brahmastra, a picture like Gulabo Sitabo.

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