An attack on an ancient Hindu temple in Pakistan is the third such incident in 20 days

Bengali Hunt Desk: Hindu temple vandalism has once again come to the fore from Pakistan. The incident took place in Bhimpura, Karachi, Pakistan. An ancient Hindu temple has been demolished by religious fundamentalists. The idols of Hindu deities in the temple have been thrown out of the temple. At the same time, everything in the temple was destroyed.

Rahat Austin, a Pakistani human rights activist, tweeted the news. He said this was the third vandalism of the temple in 20 days. At the same time, he questioned whether they were protesting against France, demanding respect for their own religion, and persecuting non-Muslims in Pakistan.

The extremists have blamed the Hindus for this incident. They have accused a Hindu teenager of insulting Prophet Mohammad. And the extremists have said that they did this because they insulted the Prophet. However, local Hindus said that all the allegations made by the extremists were baseless. They said some anti-socials had cheated on them. This is the third incident of vandalism of a Hindu temple in Pakistan in the last 20 days.

Every day in Pakistan, stories of oppression of non-Muslims come to the fore. Last September, 181 Hindus were forcibly converted to Islam in Pakistan's Indus Valley. Rahat Austin, a Pakistani human rights activist, had previously spoken out against the case.