An old note of one taka can become a hidden treasure for you, try your luck


Bangla Hunt Desk: You must have heard that money increases with money, this old proverb can be true in other ways. Even an old one taka note can become a hidden treasure for you. Even if it sounds unbelievable, an old note or coin can get you close to millions of rupees. Today I will tell you about such an old one note. Let’s find out what’s special about this old note?

The market value of this old note printed in 1958 is now about 45 thousand rupees. You must be wondering why notes are so expensive. Then the note must have the signature of Governor HM Patel. Not only that, the serial number should be 123456. And if these two are combined, you can get about 45 thousand rupees. Many collectors from home and abroad love to collect old things. And there are many of them who have collected all the old notes or coins. And such precious notes can become a real treasure for them.


You must be wondering, where is the collection but where to sell? So let me tell you – it’s a lot easier to sell now than it used to be. Opening an account online at OLX or Indiamart and uploading pictures of notes or coins can reach the collectors. Not only this, with the help of various online auction websites you can also bargain. Many such coins were collected by antique collectors from home and abroad with great enthusiasm. The most expensive coin sold in India was worth around one million rupees. Emperor Humayun’s face was printed on this coin made by the East India Company in 1817.

However, even if it is not so old, you can get around one and a half lakh rupees for a simple 25 paisa. The peculiarity of this twenty-five paisa is that it looks a lot like a silver coin. Collectors are willing to sacrifice their lives for such old coins. You may have heard that old rice grows into rice, but in this case even old coins can make you a millionaire.