Anamika-Priyanka rocking the waist with the trending song 'Tumpa' in black top-denim, viral video


BanglaHunt Desk: Now everyone is dancing to the tune of popular song 'Tumpa' of web series 'Rest in Love'. Everyone is talking about this song now. From the hangout of friends to the hangout of the wedding night, the super hit Tumpa. Even the stars have been seen dancing with this song.

This time, Anamika Chakraborty (anamika chakraborty) from the popular serial 'Akhen Neel Akhen' was also seen swinging her waist to the beat of Tumpar. His dance partner is actress Priyanka Bhattacharya. Anamika herself shared the video of the two of them dancing on her Instagram handle.

The video shows Anamika and Priyanka dancing wildly in the drawing room wearing black full sleeve top and blue denim. Along with the costumes, the dance steps of the two also have a lot in common. It is clear from watching the dance that the two girlfriends shot the video after practicing with proper planning.

Anamika shared the video on her Insta handle. “Because Tumpa is trending now,” he wrote in the caption. This video of Anamika Priyanka is viral on social media. Many people know about the deep friendship between the two in the industry. Anamika and Priyanka played two sisters in the 'Holy Fuck' web series.

On Sunday, Anamika and Priyanka also had a Fuchka party at home with friends. Anamika feeds everyone with her own hands. She is also seen dancing to the song 'Nagin Dance' in casual top pajamas.