And just a few hours later, the largest pink moon will be seen in the sky


BanglaHunt Desk: The much-awaited supermoon will be seen tomorrow night. Named after the pink moon.

Although you will not see the moon pink this day, there are other reasons for such a name. It is reported that the moon is named after the pink color of the North American flower flux subulata.

These flux subulata flowers blossom in the spring, this time in the supermoon and in the spring so the flower is named after the supermoon. The full-moon moon of Purnima is also known as Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon and Fish Moon.

According to NASA, a supermoon happens when a full moon is closest to the earth. Conversely, the moon revolves around our planet in an elliptical orbit. As a result, the world never goes far or far.

The farthest point of this eclipse is called Opoji, and it is about 405,500 km away from Earth on average. At its closest point, the average distance from Earth is about 363,300 kilometers.

When the full moon appears in the perigee it looks a bit brighter and larger than the regular full moon, it is called “supermoon”.

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