Andrilla got married in a lockdown with Branch-Palla, Synthi in the hand, Ankush!


Banglahunt Desk: Nobody knows the love of Ankush and Indiraila now. The two are going together, spending time together. But the situation is different now. The whole world has gone to Coroner Grass. China, Italy, Iran, the United States, Spain, Qatar is now infected with the dreaded virus.
India has not been eliminated. The Maran virus has been established in this country. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee first announced a partial lockdown in West Bengal. Then Prime Minister Modi announced that lockdown would be observed across the country till April 7. Outside the barnyard, strict sanctions have been imposed. In this situation, all are detained. The stars are no exception. It was in the middle of this lockdown that Andrea's birthday came.

There was no way out, so he celebrated this special day at home. A video has recently been released showing actresses dancing with two pets at home. However, one more thing has caught the attention of netizens. In the video, Indraila has a branch in her hand and a sindoor on her head. Now all the pictures, the shooting of the series is stopped, so what is the reason for this? Andrila did not answer any of the questions.

The actress made a fun video with boyfriend Ankush at home a while back. Indraila also referred to Ankush as 'Shahrukh of Khalpar'. The video went viral.

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