'Angry Didi' goes viral on Facebook despite receiving movie offers

Leisure time on lockdown has made many people popular overnight. One of them is 'Angry Didi'. One funny video after another of his on Facebook went viral. After that he moved to the lime light. From Raj Chakraborty to Anik Dutt, the list of his admired fans is quite long. This year, the goal of Ekushey Urna is civil service. He wants to be a novice in the service of the country.

In an interview given to Anandabazar newspaper, he said that his mimicry started while chatting with friends. The first video was uploaded from a friend's Facebook. Suddenly a video went viral and then he started making videos. At the moment, the number of followers on his Facebook page has exceeded 2 lakh. However, he does not have a YouTube channel. He said he has no such plans for the future.

Urna Bandyopadhyay, a student of comparative literature at Jadavpur University in Belur, said the audience gave her the name out of love. Just make a video with love. He does not earn from Facebook. Despite getting offers to work in multiple movies, he wants to pass the UPSC exam and join the civil service. He also loves to sing in his spare time. Haimanti also took training from Shukla.

He has become quite popular in the social world. Now, when he goes out on the streets, he takes selfies from the fans, and he also fulfills it with a smile. For now, he is in Mete with Pujo. I want to spend the days of Pujo in a hurry.