Angry Kangana Ranaut fired another cannon against the media

In the months since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, several news outlets have declared war on a number of Bollywood stars. Many people were vocal about this at that time. This time Bollywood hit back. Almost all the leading production companies have taken legal action against these news outlets for defamation.

Kangana Ranaut (kangana ranawat) has been firing on social media one after another against a section of Bollywood since Sushant's death. Not only that, in the interviews of various news agencies, he has been seen to make sharp sarcasm against the front row stars of Balipara. This time, the Queen actress has become quite angry with this reversal of the industry.

Kangana detonated the bomb in another tweet. “Bollywood is a sewer filled with drugs, exploitation, nepotism and jihad,” he wrote. Instead of cleaning this sewer, its lid has been kept open. File a case against me too. As long as I live, I will continue to unmask everyone. '

He further writes, ‘Big heroes not only see women as objects, but also exploit young women. They don't let young boys like Sushant Singh Rajput come up. Even at the age of 50, they want to play the role of school children. No matter what happens in front of their eyes, they are not vocal for anyone. '

This is not the end. Kangana further writes, ‘There is an unwritten law in the film industry. You keep my filth secret, I'll keep yours too. In this way they maintain their loyalty. Ever since I was born I have seen a few men from the film family rule the industry. When will that change? “

Kangana added, “I have been speaking out against exploitation in Bollywood for many years. An artist is dead. After the death of Sushant, if this sewer of Bollywood starts cleaning, then why are they having so many problems? I also have detailed information about it. '

Incidentally, Bollywood production companies have filed a petition in the Delhi High Court. Apart from reputed news outlets like Republic TV and Times Now, four journalists Arnab Goswami, Navika Kumar, Pradeep Bhandari and Rahul Shivshankar have also been named in the petition.

The production companies have alleged that after Sushant's death, the news agencies have harassed and insulted the whole of Bollywood in various ways. Spreading fake news against Bollywood stars, they have been labeled as drug addicts. It has even been said that the stench of Bollywood stars will not go away with the money of Dubai. Due to this loss of respect of Bollywood stars, the production companies have come out against the news agencies and journalists.