Angry question in Solomon's video, “Stoning to those who are saving lives!”


Banglahunt Desk: Salman Khan opened his mouth to attack doctors and health workers. Recently, a news report came out that health workers were being harassed by a group of people for bringing in a person suspected of having coronary disease. They were stoned to death. This time, Bhajan has expressed his anger over this incident.
Salman is staying with his family at Panvel Gardens in Mumbai right now. He shot a video there. About 5 minutes into the video message, the actor first revealed that he had a garden event. Police arrest him and his friend while leaving for public ration. At that time, Salman opened his mask and spoke to the police.

The actor has given a harsh message to those who are leaving the mask without ignoring the government lockdown laws. He asked, “Want to reduce India's population? And what do you want to do with your family? ” He added, “If you did not go out with friends, then the police would not be hit.” He urged the fans to go out wearing masks and gloves while going out to fetch food and medicine.
Salman was also upset over the stoning of doctors at Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh. “Are you throwing stones at those who want to save your life? People are running away from the hospital. If doctors did not come forward, if the police did not walk on the road, then some fools would have infected half of India's people, “said Salomon.

The actor added that some stupid people are spreading the virus from China to India today. And the poor, helpless people also suffer from its consequences.

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