Anil Kapoor-Anurag Kashyap have no plans to win an Oscar


BanglaHunt Desk: Sometimes there is a dispute between one or another Bollywood star on Twitter. This time, director Anurag Kashyap and actor Anil Kapoor got involved in the tweet war. The two have also been seen mocking each other's careers. Even Anil Kapoor's Oscar win has not stopped making fun of him.

It all started with a tweet from Anil Kapoor. Praising the web series ‘Delhi Crime’, the actor tweeted, ‘I have said once, I will say it again because they deserve it. Greetings to the Delhi Crime Team. It's good to see more of our people gaining international fame. “

Anil's tweet did not go unnoticed by director Anurag Kashyap. “It's good to see some suitable people get international fame,” he retorted, taunting the actor. So, where is your Oscar? No? Well .. nomination? '

Anil Kapoor is not the only one to remain silent. “You're the closest to winning an Oscar, just watching Slumdog Millionaire win an Oscar on TV,” he wrote, mocking the director. Not only that, he also posted a picture of himself on the Oscar stage with the award in hand.

Palta Anurag asked Anil that he was the second choice of the producers because of this film. It is worth mentioning that Shah Rukh Khan was first liked by the filmmakers. In response, the actor wrote, ‘Work is work. You don't have to tear your hair when looking for a job like yours. '

The director did not give up. Using Anil's comment as a tool, he wrote, “Sir, you don't talk about hair. That's why you get a job in film. 'But Anil Kapoor ended the Twitter war after that. He wrote, ‘My only regret is that I agreed to take a picture with you. But don't worry. I will laugh the last smile too. '

Incidentally, Anil Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap's upcoming film 'AK Vs AK' is going to be released on Netflix soon. A strong fight between the two can be seen in this film. Even this Twitter fight between the two is considered to be a promotion of the film.