Ankush announces anger over Tea Cuckoo's decision to go viral overnight


Banglahunt Desk: Actor Ankush Hazra alleged that everyone was breaking the lockdown rules to go viral like Cha Kaku. Many have seen him as the ideal after watching the video of the viral 'Tea Cuckoo' alias Mridul Dev. They think now that the lockdown rules will be broken overnight. But they themselves do not know the great danger they are facing. He has recently expressed his anger on social media.
In a video message, Ankush said his grandfather was a sugar patient. He went to deliver them in a car because some of their drugs were with him. The actor also said he was out on the street following all the warnings. On his way back, he saw about 3-5 people gathering on a pedestal, chatting and drinking tea. When he asked the reason for their gathering, they said that they also wanted to be separated.

Angry Ankush also said that everyone is now trying to break the rules and become like a tea cuckoo overnight. But we all know the story behind him. He went out on the road without being compelled to understand. Many have raised a helping hand when looking at the financial situation of Mr Babu. Actor's request, if the lockdown is to be taken up immediately, stay at home. Do something at home that will make you unique.

Remarkably, at the moment, Ankush, who is in Quarantine together with his girlfriend, Indira, is heard complaining. Not long ago, a funny video of the two went viral where Andrilla was seen beating up Ankush at the jump home.

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