Another blow to Jet Airways, CEO Sanjeev Kapoor resigns, the airline has not flown since 2019


Jet Airways को फिर झटका, CEO संजीव कपूर ने दिया इस्तीफा, 2019 से एयरलाइन ने नहीं भरी उड़ान

Jet Airways. (File)

jet airways CEO of Sanjeev Kapoor Has resigned from the closed airlines. Let us tell you that he joined the airline as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in April last year. According to sources on Friday Sanjeev Kapoor worked the last day in the airline. At present, no statement of Sanjeev Kapoor has come to the fore.

In fact, Jet Airways had stopped flying in April 2019 and was later declared bankrupt. It is being told that the company was engaged in starting flights again. Please tell that in the year 2022, Sanjeev Kapoor was associated with Jet Airways in the same month as CEO. At the same time, he is leaving the company from May 1.

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jet airways flights stopped from 2019

According to media reports, Jalan-Kalrock Group (JKC) confirmed the resignation and said on Friday that Sanjeev Kapoor has completed the notice period. In fact, Jet Airways had stopped flights in the year 2019 after the company had a lot of debt. After this the company was declared bankrupt. Later JKC took the responsibility for this, but even after a lot of effort, it could not be started again.

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Searching for the right person for CEO

However, JKC says that it is committed to taking it out of debt and starting a flight again. The company says that after the resignation of Sanjeev Kapoor, a qualified person is being searched for the responsibility of the CEO. However, till the post remains vacant, its functioning will be looked after by the executive committee. Ankit Jalan told that soon the new CEO of Jet Airways will be appointed.

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