Another video by Abbas Siddiqui is viral on social media! This time he apologized to the crowd


Bangla Hunt Desk: A long time ago, a controversial video by Furfura Sharif's Pirzada Abbas Siddiqui (abbas siddiqui) went viral on social media. The video shows that Abbas Siddiqui went to a religious meeting and said, “God send a virus to India so that 5 to 25 million Indians are killed.” The video went viral on social media shortly after the video went viral.

Many of those who handled the video demanded harsh punishment for Abbas Siddiqui. Even his name was filed in the police station. Abbas Siddiqui made such remarks after possibly spreading violence in the name of protests over the CAA in Delhi. He said that I had heard that the mosque in Delhi was being vandalized and set on fire. God now sends a virus to India and kill 5 million people. He even said that if Abbas Siddiqui died in it, it didn't matter.

On the one hand, when India suffers from the coroner epidemic, it is necessary to say that such comments will hurt the mind of the Indians. But he apologized to the crowd after the video went viral. He apologizes for such comment by another video.

“I stand by the people irrespective of caste,” he said. But for the past few days, my comments on social media have been tarnished and distorted. I'm hurt. “I have donated one lakh to the Chief Minister's Relief Fund in the fight against Corona,” he said. I have even made arrangements for the isolation ward. He also apologized to the countryman for the viral video.

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