Another world has been found just like us, NASA told social media

BanglaHunt Desk: NASA recently said on social media, “A whole new world! An earth-sized exoplanet has been found circulating in its habitat zone, surrounding a constellation where a rocky planet may contain liquid water. ” NASA's wonderful space-loving people in this post. They have expressed their curiosity on social media through questions. At the same time, netizens greeted NASA.

It is reported that NASA discovered the hidden planet by analyzing the information provided by Kepler. This planet is exactly like our planet. Kepler's fuel ran out of fuel in the 27th. However, scientists are still observing the information given by Kepler about the discovery of planets outside our solar system. This is where the planet was discovered.

Kepler – 1C is located 3 light years away from Earth. Of the discovered exoplanets, NASA described the planet as similar in size to the earth in terms of size and surface temperature. Scientists have said that the orbit of the planet is in a region near the constellation where the existence of a water-rich liquid is possible.

NASA scientists are already calling this planet Second Earth, the size is slightly larger than Earth, and the temperature is similar to Earth.

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