Anuapm Kher Video: Anupam Kher was seen having fun with his 40 year old friend, shared a special video


Anuapm Kher Video: अपने 40 साल पुराने दोस्त संग मजाक-मस्ती करते दिखे अनुपम खेर, शेयर किया खास वीडियो

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Anupam Kher And David Dhawan: There are many such stars in the film world whose friendship is very famous. He is known for his good relations with other stars, his deep friendship. such an actor Anupam Kherwho is in discussion for his deep friendship with other artists.

There are many artists with whom Anupam Kher’s friendship is discussed. Famous film director David Dhawan also has a name among these artists. Both are friends of each other for decades. Significantly, Anupam Kher often shares things related to his life on social media. Now he has posted a video with David Dhawan, which will touch your heart.

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In this video, David Dhawan is seen sitting on the sofa. Anupam Kher is also with him, but only his voice is heard. Along with these two, another person is also seen there. Anupam Kher and David Dhawan are seen joking with each other. Anupam is praising him that he has made great films. There is a conversation between the two that both have worked together in many films.

Both are friends for 40 years

By watching this video, it can be estimated that how deep is the friendship between the two. While sharing the video, Anupam Kher told that there is friendship between the two for 40 years. They have been friends since Anup Kher used to walk on foot and David by scooter. He used to reach David’s house early in the morning without informing, which is still going on.

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Anupam Kher further wrote that both of them got success with the blessings of God. He says that whenever he goes to David’s house, his day becomes. He has written a lot more, due to which the deep relationship between the two is clearly visible.

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