Anupam Kher’s pain spilled after the announcement of Filmfare Award, said- ‘Don’t expect respect from cheap people’


फिल्मफेयर अवॉर्ड की अनाउंसमेंट के बाद छलका Anupam Kher का दर्द, बोले-

Anupam Kher

Anupam Kher Latest Tweet: Bollywood actor Anupam Kher The film The Kashmir Files was well received and the film also earned a lot of money. The film had already won the National Award. This film was also given attention in the Filmfare Award and this film was nominated in 7 categories. but the director of the film Vivek Agnihotri opposed the award and refused to accept it. At the same time, after the announcement of the award, now Kashmir Files actor Anupam Kher has also reacted to it.

Anupam Kher has kept his point by sharing a post on Twitter. Although he has not targeted anyone, but every man is seeing it directly linked to the Filmfare Award and is giving his reaction to this post of Anupam. The actor kept his post short and wrote in golden letters- ‘Respect is an expensive gift, don’t expect it from cheap people.’

There was a delay of just saying this by the actor that people’s reactions started coming in the comment box. Some people were seen agreeing with Anupam Kher while some people were seen defending the Filmfare Award. One person wrote – There is no greater award than people’s praise, love and box office. Another person wrote – There is complete injustice with The Kashmir Files. The film did well, all the actors worked hard and it is sad not to get a single award after so many nominations.

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Please tell that some people were seen trolling Anupam Kher in reverse and according to them there is no fault of Filmfare in this. One person wrote – Filmfare is a valuable award, don’t expect a lousy film to win it. Another person wrote – Agnihotri had forbidden Kher Saab.

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Please tell that Vivek Agnihotri had made it clear only after the nominations for the Filmfare Awards were announced that he would not take the award. He believed that there is politics in this award and it is a corrupt and unethical award. Along with this, he also believed that now there are many people against this award and its value is not the same as before.

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