Anupama: Kanta’s decision increased Anuj and Anupama’s problems, the story took an interesting turn


Anupama: कांता के फैसले ने बढ़ गई अनुज और अनुपमा की मुश्किलें, कहानी ने लिया दिलचस्प मोड़

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Anupama Spoilers In Hindi: star plus number one tv serial Anupama The upcoming track has become very interesting. Actually, there is no place for the happiness of the fans after hearing the news of Anuj’s return. But like always, Anupama’s troubles are not over yet. Yes, Anupama’s mother has turned against Anuj and Anupama’s relationship.

Recently we saw in the show, Maya’s entry caused a rift in Anuj and Anupama’s relationship. Due to which the quarrel between the two increased so much that Anuj left Anupama and started living in Mumbai with younger Anu and Maya. But now Anuj has realized his mistake and Anuj is preparing to come back to Anupama. Has gone.

Interesting twist will come in the show

In the upcoming episode of the show, we will see Anupama going to the Shah house to save Samar and Dimple’s broken marriage. Where Anuj calls Vanraj and tells him to return. While expressing his anger on the phone, Anuj requests Vanraj to convey this message to Anupama. But Anupama, who is present in Shah house, already overhears everything about Anuj and Vanraj. After listening to which Anupama’s happiness knows no bounds.

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However, Anupama will go home and tell her mother and brother Bhavesh the news of Anuj’s return and will also start preparations to meet Anuj. But in the meantime, after hearing the decision of the mother, the ground slips under Anupama’s feet.

Know why Kanta is not ready

Anupama’s mother Kanta stops Anupama from meeting Anuj. Kanta tells Anupama, “It is good that Anuj is coming back. After listening to which I am most happy. But this time I will not let Anupama add false hope. Until she is convinced that Anupama will not be hurt again if she is with Anuj. Till then Kanta will not allow Anupama to go to Kapadia house with Anuj.

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