Anupama’s younger brother said on the salary difference in the TV industry, said – I do not judge the work


Anupamaa star Gaurav Khanna: टीवी इंडस्ट्री में सैलेरी डिफरेंस पर बोले अनुपमा के अनुज, कहा - मैं काम को जज नहीं करता

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Anupamaa star Gaurav Khanna: small screen popular serial Anupama Always occupies the number 1 position in the TRP race. There is a huge number of people who like this show. in the show Anuj Kapadia The character is liked a lot. The way Anuj is seen standing with Anupama, supporting her in every difficulty, raising voice for women, all these qualities make him a favorite of fans.

The character of Anuj Kapadia is played by none other than Gaurav Khanna. Everyone likes the chemistry of Gaurav and Rupali Ganguly. Recently, during an interview, Gaurav Khanna talked about the disparity of salary in TV. According to Gaurav, he does not understand the difference between salary and salary. He just knows that everyone should be honest towards their work. After that whatever amount you are taking home will be correct.

Gaurav Khanna also described himself as a practical person. He believes that there are ups and downs in every profession and only your talent will be useful to survive in the industry. Please tell that Gaurav Khanna has also played the role of Inspector in CID.

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Gaurav further said that, if I get a lot of fame and appreciation, I feel it is much more than a person who would be earning double or even five times my earnings. The love of the audience and the appreciation I get for my performance cannot be matched by any monetary value. But, I have never judged my work in this way. I have always looked at it through the lens of whether my audience likes me or not. This is the biggest paycheck you can take home because that money never comes around.

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