Anushka with bat, huge ball, viral star couple playing cricket in lockdown


Anushka Sharma's marriage to Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli was undoubtedly a big event for both cricket and the entertainment world. 2018 They were married in the year. Since then, the two have been encouraging each other forever. Although the workplaces of the two were different, that enthusiasm never waned. Virat has always been seen praising Anushka in photos or photoshoots. The actress also gave courage to her husband during the match.

But now due to the lockdown, both the huge match and Anushka's shooting are closed. At this time, they have come up with a fancy way to stay at home and not rust on the huge cricket skills. Virat Anushka was seen playing cricket on the roof of the house in the lockdown.
A video has recently gone viral on social media. It can be seen that the star couple is playing cricket on the roof of the house. At the beginning of the video, Anushka is seen holding a bat. Later Virat batted and Anushka bowled.
Star photographer Manab Mangalani shared this video on his Instagram handle. And this video is viral as soon as it is shared.

A few days ago, the actress shared a video on her Insta handle. It is seen that Anushka is going to hit Virat four or six times. And so I was shocked to hear. He does not understand what to say.
In fact, Anushka Virat made fun of this whole video. All games are currently closed due to lockdown. So the big wife made this video to give the environment like a playground while sitting at home. This video went viral.