Aparajita sings 'Jingle Bells' in red Santa Claus Sage, wishes netizens a Merry Christmas


BanglaHunt Desk: Today is December 25. Even in the atmosphere of Corona, Bengalis have met at the Christmas festival. Not to mention the stars. They greeted the fans on social media. Actress Aparajita Adhya has wished everyone a Merry Christmas in the guise of Santa Clause.

Aparajita dressed in a red dress and a red hat like Santa Claus. He is singing 'Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle All Daddy Way' while decorating the Christmas tree at home. He greeted everyone and reminded them to follow the safety rules. Aparajita reminded everyone that besides having fun, one should also be safe.

Aparajita was attacked by Corona a few days ago. However, he recovered after a while. “Covid lost and started playing again,” he wrote on social media, announcing Corona's release. The actress resumed shooting for the reality show Hasiwala & Company.

The actress told Sangbad Madhyam that she still has some weakness in her body. Blood pressure is moderately high. So Aparajita is not willing to take any risk following the doctor's advice. He is shooting with complete caution. On the other hand, the shooting of 'Fatafati' was supposed to start this month. But now the actress does not want to work hard. So the date has been postponed.

Incidentally, Aparajita has decorated the idol in Lakshmipujo of the house as usual even though she was attacked by Corona. Lakshmi Pujo is performed at Aparajita Adhyar's house with pomp and ceremony. He did all the work of Pujo with his own hands. Sing to mother Lakshmi. Many well-known faces of the acting industry can be seen in the pujo of the actress's house on this day.

But this time, like Durga Pujo, Lakshmi Pujo's splendor was much faded in the corona atmosphere. In addition, there were doubts about the actress's house pujo as Kovid was infected. But Aparajita did not give up. Like every time, this time too Lakshmi decorated the idol with her own hands.

Incidentally, Aparajita Adhy and Madhumita Sarkar's new film 'Chini' was released on December 25. This picture is made with the tension of mother-daughter relationship. This is Madhumita's second picture on the big screen.