Aparna Sen clears reply to Modi's challenge: 'No date lights will be off in my house'


Banglahunt Desk: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that the people of the country should light the entire country for 5 minutes at 9 pm today. On this day, he said, lighting all the lights in his house, lighting a ceiling, balcony, lighting a candle or flashing a flashlight on a mobile phone. This is the new Davi Modi to fight Corona. Director Aparna Sen has strongly opposed this diagnosis. No light will be extinguished at his house today, Aparna has confirmed.

Aparna Sen clearly said, “The date lights will not be turned off in my house. The government of the country is fully responsible for the current situation in the country. Doctors, health workers and ordinary people have been placed in the middle of a fog and this is a great comedy. Most people in the country do not know whether the government has supplied a ton of Corona Testing Kit to Serbia at such a disadvantage. However, mass testing of the Dehradun people, which has been done by other coronary affected countries, is not being done in India due to lack of adequate testing kit. Different state governments have stated very well that they do not have enough testing kits. ”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on the countrymen to fight unitedly to overcome the political conflict in the fight against Corona. Earlier, the people thanked the staff of the emergency services at 5 pm in the afternoon of curfew, urging them to play 5-minute dishes, hours and so on.
This time, Modi has made an application for turning on the candle, lamp, flashlight or flash of mobile by lighting the house for 5 minutes at 9 pm on April 7. The Prime Minister has made it clear that everyone is on the side of the fight against Corona.

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