Apple, a vendor selling spit on lemon, has gone viral in a video that feared the virus would spread


Banglahunt Desk: People are suffering from corona virus. In the meantime, a fruit vendor is arranging fruit in the busy market. In doing so, he repeatedly inserts his hand in his mouth. The way many people count the money by spitting on the finger, they are spitting one finger after another.

Desi Mohito, a twitter handle, recently released the video. It is said that the person is spreading germs by selling spit fruits. So everyone should be careful. In a moment, the video goes viral. Until Saturday afternoon, more than 4,000 people watched the video. It has been written by 3,000 people. According to sources in the video, the accused arrested Sheru Mia on Friday and police in Raisena district. A case was filed against him under sections 20 and 25. Investigation into the whole incident was started, which is the reason for this video is February 3.

Corona recently spread such videos on social media amid panic across the country. As the events of Nizamuddin became public, more and more panic was seized upon the minds of the people. The person started deliberating on social media as he was spreading germs at will. But finally, the video was about a month and a half old. The person accused of spreading germs is also mentally ill, his family claimed.

Raikena Police Superintendent Monika Shukla (Manikā śukla) said, “We first contacted him who uploaded the video which went viral. From there the accused's reach matched. The matter is under investigation. He kept trying to find out why he was behaving like this. FIR has also been lodged against Sheru Mia. “But he was just removing rotten fruit, which is what Sheru told them,” Monika Shukla said. The police official said that Sheru was undergoing medical examination. He even said that he had a Covid-1 virus in his body.

Sheru's daughter, Fiza, said they had been in the house for the entire incident. He said the police released his father after beating him. Since then the phone has been coming to them from different places. They are getting older. Fiza also claimed his father was emotionally imbalanced. He said they had a milk business decades ago. That would have been good. Even some of his employees worked under his father. But suddenly the business is pushing. Sheru Mia broke mentally. The way he was seen counting the fruits in the video, he had a habit of counting notes that way.

Fiza has also questioned why there is such a hitch about a month and a half old video. His argument, in the video, shows that the father is wearing a jacket. He also alleged that an attempt was being made to create tension by releasing the video at a time when there was an atmosphere of panic around Corona. Viral Hall Video on social media.

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