Apple has shut down about 30,000 Chinese apps, there are more than 26,000 games


BanglaHunt Desk: Tech giant Apple has decided to delete 29,800 apps made in China. It is known that there are more than 26 thousand games in it. It is known that the US company had to take this decision because it did not have a valid license.

Earlier, Apple had set a deadline for Chinese companies to display government licenses by the end of July. 8 of the companies have been shut down due to non-display of licenses App.

Most of the apps created by the relevant Chinese companies have been accused of not following the rules. Despite repeated warnings, they did not correct those errors. This time Apple has to take strict action.

Earlier, on June 29, Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to ban the China app. These apps were banned using Section 69 of the Information Technology Act and a notification was issued by the government stating that these Chinese apps are dangerous to the country's sovereignty and security.