Apple Store employees have a degree up to Cambridge, knowing the salary, you would also like to do a job


Apple Store के एम्प्लॉइज के पास कैंब्रिज तक की डिग्री, सैलरी जानकर आप भी करना चाहेंगे नौकरी

iPhone maker Apple has opened its two flagship stores for the first time in India. But do you know that the employees working in these stores have high-qualification, some even have degrees from Cambridge.

Mumbai and Delhi are the two cities where Apple has opened its flagship retail stores for the first time in India. To handle these two stores, the company has hired 170 employees. But do you know that most of them have high-qualification and some even have degrees from international universities like Cambridge and Griffith. Do you want to know the salary of these employees?

Apple’s identity is to provide premium experience around the world. This is also reflected in his hiring process. Company’s Mumbai Store Apple BKC customers will get service in 25 different languages, so Apple Pocket The company has hired employees knowledgeable in 15 languages. That is, the customers of the company will get Global Customer Experience in these stores.

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MBA, Degree Holders in Robotics, Automation

Employees working in the company’s Apple Store have degrees in subjects like MTech, MBA, BTech, Electrical Engineering, Packaging, Robotics and Automation Engineering. Checking the LinkedIn profile of these employees reveals that some of them have also studied from foreign universities like Cambridge.

At the same time, some people have been transferred internally by Apple, who have been handling the company’s store operations in Europe or West Asian countries. Most of them have very good experience.

Knowing the salary, you would also like to do a job

Let us now tell you that how much is the salary of the employees working in the Apple Store. It will be called the effect of Apple’s global brand value that people with such high-qualification are doing retail store jobs, which is seen as a non-glamorous job in India.

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In the news of ET, quoting industry experts, it has been said that the company is giving a package of at least Rs 1 lakh per month or more to the employees of Apple Store. This is 3 to 4 times the salary available in a common electronic retail store in the country. However, nothing has been officially said by Apple on the question related to this.

Employees also get this facility

According to Apple’s website, the company provides its employees with health benefits, medical plans, paid leave, tuition fees for educational courses, stock grants, and huge discounts on Apple products.

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