Apple to boost Make in India, overtake China to export বিল 40 billion worth of phones in 5 years


Banglahunt Desk: Apple, a US multinational company, is going to wrap up its business from China and bring it to India. It is learned that in the next 5 years, phones worth 40 billion US dollars will be made in India. If that goal is achieved, India will be the world's largest iPhone exporter.

In the next one year, they want to bring half of their company, that is, 20 percent of Apple's production capacity from China, to India. In addition, the company wants to increase its manufacturing revenue to ৪ 40 billion over the next five years, according to Contract Manufacturing in India. There have been several meetings over the past few months between Apple's senior executives and senior government officials on the issue.

A senior government official said, “Apple will be able to increase the production of smartphones in the country by contract manufacturing Bistron and Foscon to আর 40 billion.” The company will take incentives through PLI-scheme. And will be able to export more. '

Apple sells for just মার্কিন 1.5 million in India. But China, on the other hand, produces about ০ 220 million, and exports ৮ 175 million of it. Apple's operations in China employ 4.6 million people. Apple has a 36 percent market share and a 22 percent market share in global handset exports.