Arjun Tendulkar IPL 2022: When will Rohit use Arjun Tendulkar properly, why is he not taking advantage of the power?


Arjun Tendulkar IPL 2022: अर्जुन तेंदुलकर का सही इस्तेमाल कब करेंगे रोहित, पावर का क्यों नहीं उठा रहे फायदा?

Arjun Tendulkar has left his mark in IPL 2023. Especially the kind of bowling he has done in the powerplay is really commendable.

New Delhi, Arjun Tendulkar… this name is dominating in IPL 2023. Arjun’s name remains in the headlines whenever the Mumbai team is taking the field. Arjun is in discussions because of his bowling. Even though this left-arm bowler has not taken many wickets, but this player has proved his great strength in front of the world. It is being talked about his bowling in the powerplay. Arjun Tendulkar Has bowled amazingly in powerplay in 4 consecutive matches and against Gujarat Titans, he even tied explosive openers like Shubman Gill-Wriddhiman Saha.

Let us tell you that Arjun Tendulkar has played 4 IPL matches so far and every time he was very economical in powerplay. Against Gujarat, Arjun bowled 2 overs in the powerplay and took the wicket of Wriddhiman Saha for 9 runs. Arjun was given only one over against Punjab where he conceded just five runs. Although his figures were very poor in this match, but his balls in the powerplay kept the opposing batsmen tied.

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Arjun’s fire was also shown against Hyderabad

Arjun’s fire was also visible in the match against Hyderabad. During the powerplay, Arjun had spent only five runs in the first over while a batsman like Harry Brook was on strike in front of him. He spent only 14 runs in two overs in the powerplay. Arjun gave only 17 runs in 2 overs against Kolkata Knight Riders in his first IPL match.

Why is Arjun so effective in the powerplay?

Now the question is, why is Arjun Tendulkar so effective in powerplay? The secret of Arjun Tendulkar’s success in Powerplay is his swing bowling. Arjun Tendulkar takes advantage of the new ball well. His length is good and that is why he uses swing very well.

Arjun has to be used properly!

Arjun Tendulkar has proved one thing that he is the best bowler of the new ball. He has control over his swing, so now Mumbai Indians team management and captain Rohit Sharma It is also the responsibility of him to change the role of Arjun and give him 3 overs in powerplay. There this bowler will have more chances to take wickets and this will only benefit Mumbai.

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