Arjun Tendulkar, IPL 2023: Arjun Tendulkar will spit ‘fire’ against the one who increased his salary!


Arjun Tendulkar, IPL 2023: जिसने बढ़ाई सैलरी, उसके खिलाफ ही अर्जुन तेंदुलकर उगलेंगे

Arjun Tendulkar, IPL 2023: Arjun Tendulkar’s base price was Rs 20 lakh, but he got more than that. After a gesture, Mumbai Indians had to increase the price of Arjun.

New Delhi.Arjun Tendulkar The ball is ready to fire once again, but now Arjun is preparing to wreak havoc against the team that increased his salary. Actually Arjun’s base price was Rs 20 lakhs, but due to Gujarat Titans, Mumbai had to buy him for Rs 30 lakhs. Now Arjun will play his fourth IPL match against the same Gujarat. Arjun made his IPL debut this season against Kolkata Knight Riders.

In the next match, he took his first IPL wicket by dismissing Bhuvneshwar Kumar against Sunrisers Hyderabad. Now he is ready to challenge Hardik Pandya’s Gujarat. Hardly people remember that the price of Arjun had increased in the auction only because of Gujarat. In fact, Mumbai had bought Arjun in the 2021 auction for a base price of Rs 20 lakh, but he was ruled out of the IPL due to injury.

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Gujarat Titans gave a fight

In the next season i.e. 2022, Mumbai bought Arjun again, but this time Mumbai got a fight with Gujarat for him. Although Mumbai won the bet, but due to the competition, Arjun’s price increased by more than 10 lakhs. In fact, he had entered the auction with a base price of Rs 20 lakh. Mumbai bid on him first. Then Gujarat made a gesture and made a bid of 25 lakhs, but after that Mumbai again joined them for 30 lakhs.

Debut opportunity in the third season

Due to Gujarat, Mumbai had to buy Arjun for Rs 10 lakh more. Although Arjun had to sit on the bench for 2 seasons. He got a chance to make his third season debut. Left-arm fast bowler Arjun could not get success in the debut match, but he took 1-1 wickets in the last two matches. Although in the last match against Punjab Kings, he had looted a lot of runs. Arjun had given 31 runs in 1 over. Now it will be interesting to see Gujarat What decision does Mumbai captain Rohit Sharma take against Arjun? Will Arjun be given a chance or will he sit on the bench?

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