Armaan Malik: Armaan Malik has done two marriages? Uproar after YouTuber’s allegation


Armaan Malik: अरमान मलिक ने की हैं दो शादियां? यूट्यूबर के आरोप के बाद मचा हंगामा

Armaan Malik Image Credit source: Instagram

There used to be a time when YouTube was used only for watching songs and videos. But now YouTube has become a big platform. Now people are earning lakhs of rupees through YouTube. However, in the meantime, a lot of quarrel is being seen between two YouTubers. While youtuber Armaan Malik Has become the father of three children. There is currently an atmosphere of happiness in his house.

Armaan Malik has children from both his wives. He has a son with Kritika Malik and twins with Payal. On the other hand, YouTuber Vivek Chaudhary is also very famous. Vivek keeps making vlogs with his wife Khushi Chaudhary. But for the past few days, a lot of tension is being seen between Vivek and Armaan Malik. Both are seen attacking each other. Now recently Vivek Chaudhary has raised questions on Armaan’s two marriages.

Vivek Chaudhary has shared merging several videos together. In which YouTuber is seen saying that don’t tell me right or wrong, tell the world the truth of your second marriage. According to Vivek, Armaan Malik is faking two marriages. He has done this to become famous. So that he can give content to the people. He is fooling the world. Apart from this, it also seems from Vivek’s words that he knows a lot about Armaan.

In his video, Vivek made many big allegations against Armaan. He also says that everyone knows where Armaan comes from. It is believed that this quarrel started with the marriage of YouTuber Neetu Bisht and Lakhan Rawat. Actually earlier Vivek used to make videos with his wife Khushi along with Neetu and Lakhan. This couple had even reached their engagement. But in between suddenly these two YouTubers stopped making videos together.

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After which Armaan Malik shared this thing in his vlog and said that we do not start carrying cameras everywhere. We talk to people and also spend some quality time. After which Vivek also started raising questions on Armaan and both his marriages without taking his name.

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