Armaan Malik arranged a fight between the two wives, Payal slapped Kritika


अरमान मलिक ने करवाई दोनों बीवियों के बीच लड़ाई, पायल ने मारा कृतिका को ज़ोरदार तमाचा

Armaan MalikImage Credit source: Instagram

youtuber Armaan Malik How do you keep both your wives happy, users often ask such questions by commenting on their videos. Now I don’t know how to keep her happy, but Armaan definitely makes both his wives quarrel. Actually a video has surfaced on social media. Where due to Armaan’s cleverness, Payal Malik has slapped Kritika Malik.

Actually Armaan Malik has shared a video on his Instagram account. In this video, Kritika is seen abusing Payal on the phone with her mother. She tells her mother that she has brought iPhone 13 for Payal. Because she makes him do the housework all day. Keeping the phone, Kritika’s voice continuously calls Payal and gives her a new phone box. Seeing whom Payal becomes very happy.

But as soon as the box is opened, an old phone comes out in it. After which Payal angrily slaps Kritika. Then Armaan Malik comes there and tells Payal that he has brought iPhone 13 for her. Although Payal does not believe at first. But only iPhone 13 comes out in Armaan’s box. After which Payal once again starts taunting Kritika.

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At the same time Kritika gets into thinking that where did the phone go. But they say that a hint is enough for the wise. Even though it is not shown in the video, but everyone knows that this feat has been done by Armaan Malik. So that there would be a quarrel between his two wives. By the way, Armaan often keeps making such videos with his wives. So that people like their videos.

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