Around 3,000 Indians died while working for the World Cup in Qatar


Bangla Hunt Desk: In 2010, FIFA has given Qatar the responsibility of hosting the 2022 Football World Cup. The controversy has been raging ever since. Many claimed that it was not possible to play at the World Cup when the temperature in Qatar was very high. So FIFA has decided that this time the football world cup will be in winter. Qatar has already begun preparations for the FIFA World Cup.

Qatar has already started construction of various infrastructures, including a stadium, to host the World Cup in a smooth manner. Thousands of workers from different countries are working there. It is learned that about seven and a half thousand workers died while working there. But the surprising thing is that a large part of those workers are Indians. According to the data, 12 workers have died every week since December 2010.

A British media outlet has claimed that most of the workers employed to fix the stadium infrastructure for the World Cup in Qatar were from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Pakistan. Of the workers who came to work, 6,750 died. Of these, 2,771 workers died in India alone. That media outlet insisted that all these workers came to work to develop the World Cup infrastructure, then they were forced to do various things against their will which resulted in their deaths. However, the Qatari government is reluctant to accept the allegations. They claim that all these workers died naturally.