Arti Singh Injured: Arti Singh injured, 7 pieces of glass stuck in her hand, so many stitches came after surgery


Arti Singh Injured: आरती सिंह हुई इंजर्ड, हाथ में फंसे 7 कांच के टुकड़े, सर्जरी के बाद आए इतने टांके

Arti SinghImage Credit source: Instagram

TV actress and Big Boss fame Aarti Singh For the last several months, there is a lot of discussion about his transformation. The actress has lost a lot of weight. After which his confidence increased a lot, which will be seen in his Instagram reels. Now Aarti remains very active on social media. But in the meantime there is also bad news for his fans.

Actually, Aarti is currently admitted in the hospital. The actress is hurt and has also undergone surgery. This incident happened with the actress a few days ago, during which she suffered a lot of injury in her hand. If we talk about the whole matter, Aarti had left the house on April 23 to party with her friends. On reaching there, a glass was accidentally broken by his hand. At that time, Aarti did not pay much attention to her injury.

During an interview, Aarti told that after reaching home at night, she felt a lot of pain in her hand. As the pain did not get better till morning, she went to the doctor. Where the doctor told him that 7 small pieces of thorns were stuck in his hand. Those glass pieces were removed and the wounds were so deep that they were closed by surgery. During this, Aarti got 6 stitches.

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The actress has shared a video of the hospital on her Insta. In which she is seen watching her own serial on the front TV. While sharing this video, Aarti told through the caption that this week was not easy for her. This was one of his difficult times. In which he had to undergo surgery, the glass broke and he lost consciousness and he watched the launch of his show lying on the hospital bed. Aarti’s fans are asking her to get well soon. Through comments, users are calling him Get Well Soon.

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