Artificial intelligence apps help online daters break the ice


Artificial intelligence is here to rescue people who may have desirable traits, but aren’t necessarily adept at displaying their most attractive qualities in the fickle world of online dating. 

Indeed, those seeking romance and personal connections through dating apps sift through hundreds of profiles at a time, meaning those first impressions can matter even more. And so a new crop of AI-powered apps has emerged to help those looking for love get prospects’ attention. 

For example, apps like Rizz and Keys are AI-powered texting coaches designed to act like a digital wingman. While a simple “Hi” might be an acceptable way to approach someone you’re attracted to in person, online that kind of salutation is unlikely to elicit a response. 

Rizz lets users upload a photo or screenshot of an online dating chat or bio, and immediately generates opening lines. Users can even ask apps like Rizz to make their replies funnier, wittier or more romantic. 

“It is mostly impacting users for content creation and chat boxes,” psychologist and dating coach Holly Battey told CBS News. “Essentially it is helping users create content, it is suggesting conversation starters.”

“Generative” AI tech like ChatGPT has already infiltrated other parts of our lives and proved potentially useful at eliminating, or at least reducing, time spent on monotonous, repetitive tasks. And it turns out it has useful applications in the era of online dating. 

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Of course, once daters emerge from behind their screens, they must be able to hold their own in person. Much like a person’s photo can make them appear more attractive than they really are, someone whose sparkling conversation turns out to be AI generated could also disappoint.

“They’re going to feel that gap, not unlike when online photos misrepresent ourselves,” Battey said. 

“I think people have to be prepared for that,” she added.

But for people who struggle with conversational ice breakers, AI could be a powerful tool in helping them get past a hurdle that has set them back in online dating. For example, sometimes a “personality doesn’t translate in writing, and so they can be at a deficit there,” Battey noted.  

“Some people really need help getting out the gate. They don’t know what to write in their dating profile, they don’t know how to start a conversation via text or messaging, and so they need a tool like this to get them started,” she said.

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