Arunachal Pradesh: BJP wins 8 out of 7 seats in Pasighat municipal polls, Congress collapses


Bangla Hunt Desk: The BJP snatched the Pasighat municipality (PMC) in Arunachal Pradesh from the Congress by winning six of the eight seats. On the other hand, the JDU has performed well since its first participation in the Itanagar municipal elections (IMC). They have won four seats.

The Congress, which won seven seats in the PMC elections in 2013, has won only two wards this time. Five BJP candidates won 20 seats in the IMC without contest. State Election Commission Secretary Nally said the results of four of the remaining 15 wards of the IMC have come to light. And in all four seats, the JDU won by a narrow margin. Other seats are still being counted.

In the 2013 elections, the PMC had 12 seats and the IMC had 30 seats. But the number is reduced by merging the words. In the last election, the Congress got seven seats in the PMC. The BJP won two seats and the non-party candidate three. In the IMC elections, the Congress won 21 seats in 2013. The BJP won three seats, the NCP four and the People's Party of Arunachal and one non-party seat.

The performance of Janata Dal United is very important in the municipal elections. Because in Arunachal, only six of their seven MLAs have joined the BJP. In the 2019 Assembly elections in Arunachal Pradesh, Nitish Kumar fielded candidates for 15 seats. In which he won seven seats. The BJP won 41 seats. The JDU was the largest party in the state after the BJP.