Aryan slaps his father's female fan, Shah Rukh reveals the reason for so long


BanglaHunt Desk: To see Aryan Khan as Aryan Khan or just like Shahrukh Khan. Even his voice has been like that of his father. It is not possible to differentiate between the two. Evidence of this was found during the dubbing of the movie 'The Lion King'. Now Khan's son is not seen much with his parents but Aryan was once a big fan of his father. Aryan didn't even bother to slap Shah Rukh for insulting a fan.

Arian was quite young then, not just age. This is the incident of that time. Once Shah Rukh came on Karan Johar's talk show 'Coffee with Karan' and leaked the incident. He said that once a female fan insulted him. He kept saying that King Khan looked very ugly on the show 'Kaun Banega Crorepati'.
The fan even insulted the actor ugly. So far, Aryan has kept himself in check. But then Aryan got angry when he called Shah Rukh 'fat'. He slapped the female fan.

When Shah Rukh to stop him Go Then Aryan blamed his father and said, “Papa is not the girl's fault. It's your fault. Why are you so fat You are not ugly. You also like KBC. You're a good person, but you're fat. “
Shah Rukh was surprised to hear this from little Aryan. That's when he decided he would be fit to keep the boy's mind. He also started working out like that. That is the result 2006 Shah Rukh's shirtless look in the song 'Dard A Disco' from the movie 'Om Shanti Om'.