As a result of the new agricultural law, farmers will benefit more, investment will come: Prime Minister Narendra Modi


Bengali Hunt Desk: Farmers across the country, on the Delhi border, have been protesting for more than two weeks over the new agricultural law. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again reminded that farmers will ultimately benefit from agricultural reforms. [Narendra Modi]. He said the new agricultural law [Farm Law] As a result, farmers will benefit more, new technologies will be widely used in agriculture and with that will come a lot of investment. As a result, farmers will benefit from all aspects.

Saturday at the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry [FICCI] Addressing the 93rd Annual General Meeting, Modi said, “The new Agriculture Act will bring about major reforms in the agriculture sector in the country. This will greatly benefit small farmers in particular, increase the use of technology in agriculture and bring in a lot of investment. As a result, farmers will benefit from all sides.

‘Now farmers can sell their produce in mandis or outside markets. But from now on, they will be able to sell their produce online. As a result, the income of farmers will increase a lot. So far there has been an invisible wall between agriculture and other related fields like agricultural technology, food processing etc. But this time the wall will break. Farmers will have much more opportunity to sell their produce. Cold storage will also be modernized. As a result, big investment will come in the whole agricultural sector. As a result, the farmers will get the lion's share of the profits, 'he added.

Besides, the corona situation in the country has also improved a lot, Modi said. “The year 2020 has taken everyone by surprise,” he said. A lot has changed quickly in these 20-20 matches. Like the rest of the world, our country has witnessed many ups and downs. But fortunately, that situation has improved a lot. '