As a wedding anniversary gift, the husband bought land for his wife on the moon


On the wedding anniversary, new flats, everything from cars to jewelry are being given as gifts But so says the moon land! That is what a young man from Rajasthan did He gifted three acres of land to his wife on the wedding anniversary

Dharmendra Ahuja, a young man from Rajasthan, bought land on the moon on his eighth wedding anniversary. He said that he wanted to be a little different from the traditional gifts given on the wedding anniversary From that thought, he thought of buying land for his wife on the moon He bought three acres of land from Luna Society International in New York, USA and gave it to his wife as a gift.

However, he had to burn a lot of wood to buy this gift. It took a year to buy that cosmic gift His wife was also happy to receive the gift, he said, after receiving the gift, I really felt like I was sitting on the moon of dreams. However, this couple is not the first in India to buy land on the moon. Earlier, Shah Rukh Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput also bought land on the moon.

A few days ago, Shaunak, a resident of Srirampur, was probably the first Bengali to buy land on Mars. He bought an acre of land in the heart of the Red Planet for only 3,000 rupees. Land documents and other documents including latitude and longitude have already reached his hands. According to Shaunik, the way science is advancing, people may have gone to Mars in the near future. NASA arranged to get this land on the moon with a company. Shaunik bought the land from that company.