As if precisely Kia Advani, shocked netizens watching the young girl's video


BanglaHunt Desk: At present, the Internet is intimately connected with the lives of people through which platforms like Tiktok Video have come to the fore. It is impossible to believe how many things can be accomplished in the pursuit of smartphones and the Internet. Thousands of smartphone apps have changed people's lives. Another tweet recently went viral on social media. Kiara Advani made the comment. Thinking about this and what? Many of the stars make video videos. So what's in the Kiara video?

In fact, Tiktok's video is made by a young woman who looks like Kiara. Yes, you are right. It is not surprising to see a young woman wrong with one glance. Huber Kabir Singh looks like Kiara, the protagonist of the film. Similar clothing, hairdressing style. He shot the video with the song of Kabir Singh. Not one, several videos made by the young woman.

It has been reported that the young woman's name is Kalpana Sharma. He is a resident of Haryana. Many have acknowledged that Kiara Advani looks like a college student. Not only the tick, but the imagination insta handle will open, but many pictures will be seen, where he has a lot in common with Kiara. Netizens commented likewise. Many people say that he has a lot in common with the love of the film Kabir Singh. Many again praised his beauty.

Imaginary tweet videos are now traditionally viral on social media. Many people like, commented on videos. The shares have also been abundant. Imagine going to the star forest overnight.

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