As long as Modi is the Prime Minister, no one will be able to take away the land of the farmers – Amit Shah


BanglaHunt Desk: Union Home Minister Amit Shah gave a big message to the farmers on Christmas. This peasant movement completed about 1 month. No matter what the central government says, this law is in favor of the farmers, but the farmers are reluctant to accept it at all. Meanwhile, several opposition parties have been inciting the peasant movement for their own interests.

Amit Shah said on Friday, “As long as Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of the country, no one will be able to take away land from the farmers.” MSP will not be closed, Mandio will not be closed. Some opposition parties are misleading the farmers in their own interest. However, I would say that this agricultural law is never against the farmers. However, if the farmers think so, then the central government can discuss the issue.

Amit Shah further said, ‘The opposition is lying completely, they are misleading the farmers for their own benefit. MSP, Mandi is threatening to end. However, the Modi government is always ahead for the welfare of the farmers. Let me make it clear again – MSP, Mandi is never closing.

He added that the proposal to increase the minimum price of crops raised by farmers by one and a half times had not been fulfilled before, which the Modi government is going to do. He also said that this law has been made in the interest of the farmers. “Agricultural debt of US নেত 80,000 crore has been written off in the last 10 years,” he said. Where in two and a half years, Rs 95,000 crore has been sent to the accounts of 100 million farmers.

Attacking Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and NCP chief Sharad Pawar, he said, “I want to know who is speaking on behalf of the farmers now. What was the budget of the farmers when UPA and Congress were in power in 2013-14? But I will say, the peasants will not listen to the words of the opposition. Mandi will not be closed, it will continue.