As the farmers could not pay their dues, the government auctioned the land of the traders under the new agricultural law


Bengali Hunt Desk: The Shivraj Singh Chouhan government of Madhya Pradesh auctioned off the businessman's property as it could not pay the arrears of Rs 40 lakh. The government has taken this drastic step as it has not been able to meet the dues of the paddy farmers. The government will send the money raised by auctioning the land and houses of the traders directly to the bank accounts of the farmers. This step has been taken under the new Agricultural Act. The farmers are very happy with this step of the government.

According to reports, 23 paddy farmers had lodged a complaint with the Gwalior sub-divisional governor of Madhya Pradesh against the trader for non-payment of arrears. The Gwalior district magistrate said the sub-divisional magistrate ordered confiscation of the trader's property after the farmers complained. The businessman's house has also been auctioned off. 1 lakh 45 thousand rupees auctioned at home has also been sent to the bank accounts of the farmers. And from today the administration will start auctioning the land of the trader.

According to reports, the accused businessman is a resident of Bajna village in Vitarwar, Gwalior. His name is Balaram Singh Parihar. The accused trader bought paddy from 42 farmers for Rs 40 lakh. After buying so much paddy, the farmers fled the area with their families without paying.

The farmers lodged a complaint against him with the police. The police lodged a complaint and started searching for the businessman. But the trader has not been found yet. According to the police, the trader did not repay the money by buying paddy, but also borrowed money from some farmers in the name of business. That trader even runs a chit fund.

After receiving the complaint from the sub-divisional ruler, the administration ordered to confiscate the businessman's house and land. Then the auction work started.