Ashok Gehlat convicts IAS officer for cutting off Congress leader's invoice in lockdown

Banglahant Desk: Ashok Gehlat punished IAS officer for cutting off Congress leader's invoice in lockdown. Ashok Gahlot punished IAS for issuing invoices to Congress MLAs for violating lockdown. The Gahlot government simply replaced a IAS officer from Rajasthan who fined the driver of Congress MLA Rajendra Singh Biduri for violating lockdown rules on April 7.

On Tuesday, the officer arrived in Mandy and abused the vendors there. This was at a time when the district administration had already announced a four-hour relaxation. “There was no crowd in the shop and the traders were sitting lazily but the officers were aggressively charged against them, snatching them from the shopkeepers and throwing their registers,” Yadav complained. However, Rana was doing her duty to ensure that she complied with the shutdown guidelines set by the central government. He asked the driver to show his driver's license because he was driving in the middle of a nationwide lockdown. Rana, a 27-batch IAS officer, fined the driver for not having valid vehicle documents. The Congress MLA was outraged and filed a complaint against SDM Tejaswi Rana, which led to his transfer.

Is it OK to replace an IAS officer for law enforcement during lockdown? Officers, police, doctors and healthcare workers are putting their lives at risk and yet they are helping the nation in the fight against this COVID-19 outbreak.

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