ASI team finds Shivling in excavations in Vietnam, India to help rebuild temple

India has established deep cultural ties with the countries of South-East Asia. India has extended a helping hand in restoring their heritage monuments. A four-member team of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has been engaged in the fourth season of restoration and conservation work. Annual work schedule at the My Sone World Heritage Site in Kwang Nam Province, Vietnam in January-June this year. French experts discovered the temple in a dilapidated condition in the nineteenth century. During excavations at that time, French archaeologists described the presence of a Shivling on the site of the temple. The temple was built in the ninth century AD during the reign of King Indravarman II. Who also built the famous Dong Dung Buddhist monastery in Kwang Nam Province. However, due to the constraints of the miners at that time, it could not be recovered. Subsequently, political instability and war in Vietnam further destroyed the temple precincts.

There were plans to do this from the beginning of the year

Earlier this year the Ministry of Foreign Affairs created a new Development Partnership Division. Which will assist in the coordination and management of development partnerships abroad for culture and heritage preservation projects. According to a senior Foreign Ministry official, “During the reconstruction of Group‘ A ’temples, their ASI team rescued Shiva Ling. Earlier, six more Shiva lingas were recovered from the temple complex.

India is helping them recover

India is also going to be a repository of such national projects. Who is working abroad and is going to be helpful in disseminating and collaborating on the information of this national project in the field of culture and heritage.