Assam MLA arrested for calling Quarantine Center a detention camp


At present, the number of coronas in India is about four thousand. Many have died. And it's locked down. The Corona virus is getting stronger. And the number of coronas infected is jumping into it.

Police have arrested Aminul Islam, a MLA from the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF). Because he made a bad comment about Corona. The action was taken in a case filed with the Nagan Police Station. In fact, MLA Aminul Islam has been arrested in a case where he was kept at the Quarantine Center for treatment of patients with Covid-1.

And the MLA reported that he had not seen such a bad condition in the hospital. And then he was arrested. Now the Novel Corona Virus Terror is chasing everyone in terror day and night. The Corona virus, which has spread from China, has already reached death on earth. Almost all countries are now spending their days in terror. There is no way of knowing what is going on day to day and night to day. Because everyone is now home detained to escape danger. Here is the audio clip that was released

In the audio clip, the MLA is telling a man that the facilities at Quarantine Center are worse than other camps. Then many people are still speaking. Let's see what happens in the end.

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