Assam's education minister has announced the closure of all government madrassas in the state


Bangla Hunt Desk: The BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) government has announced the closure of all madrasas run by the Assam government. Assam Education Minister Hemanta Biswa Sarma made the announcement on Thursday. He made it clear that a notification would be issued within the next month to close all government-funded madrassas in Assam.

Assam Education Minister Hemant Bishwa Sharma said no religious educational institution could run on government money. He said a notification in this regard would be issued by the government by next November. He also said that we have nothing to say about the privately run madrasas. Badmuddin Ajmal, an MP from Assam and AIUDF leader, reacted strongly to Hemant Bishwa Sharma's statement.

Ajmal said, “After winning the next assembly elections, we will reopen the government-run madrasas.” Ajmal said the government could not close the madrassa in any way. And if the government does something like that, then we will win the next assembly elections and re-launch them. The madrassas that the government has been running for 50-60 years cannot be closed down.

Hemant Bishwa Sharma had said in February this year that not only government-run madrassas but also Sanskrit tolls would be closed. Because in any secular country, no educational institution or religious institution can run on government money. As a result of this decision of the Assam government, 614 government-run madrasas are going to be closed.