Assassin kills teacher in Paris after showing cartoons of Prophet Mohammed

Bangla Hunt Desk: In Paris, France, an angry young man brutally killed a teacher by slitting his throat to show the cartoon school of Prophet Mohammed to the students. The young man was killed in the counter action of the police.

According to local media, Samuel, a schoolteacher in Paris, France, showed a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad while teaching students about freedom of expression. The attacker was extremely angry at this incident. He took the knife and cut the school teacher's throat with the sound of Allahu Akbar. Police arrived at the scene as soon as they got the news, but instead of surrendering, the assailant started threatening the police. Police then took action and shot the assailant.

Police have not made the identity of the attacker public. But police say the 18-year-old was a suspected Islamic militant and was born in Moscow. Police said that the accused's child also attended the school. The incident took place in the French capital, Paris, around 5pm on Friday. Police have arrested four accused, including a minor, in the case.

The French president condemned the attack, saying it was carried out by Islamic militants. He went to the school a few hours after the incident and met with the teachers.